You can track your order using your carrier website and your tracking number provided at the confirmation of your purchase.

We are using 4 main carriers and we take tracking option for all of our shipments.

Please click on the website link of the carrier of your parcel.

Canada Post: 




If you have ordered on Walmart or Bestbuy, you can go check your order and the tracking number of your order will be updated directly into your account. You will be able to click on the link provided in your orders section.


For FedEx:

If you think your tracking number is from FedEx, but it does not work when you enter it on their website, your carrier is probably Purolator. You can try again your tracking number using Purolator this time. It should work. If it does not, please contact us.

For Purolator:

If you have entered your tracking number and it shows EXCEPTIONS as follow:

You have to click on Verify entry/ refine search and fill out the Destination Postal Code. Click on Submit and you will be able to track your parcel.

For Canada Post:

If when you enter your tracking number on Canada Post website and it shows the following:

 It means that you have the right tracking number, but that your item has not yet been shipped out. However, the shipping label has been created and you can come back later to see the notice when the carrier will have picked up your parcel.

It says my item has been shipped

The system automatically indicates that the item has been shipped once the shipping label has been created

However, that does not mean your parcel has left our warehouse or that it has been sent out. Once it will have been shipped, you will be able to see another update stating that the carrier has picked up your item. This will mean that your item has left for delivery and that it is now handled by the carrier.