The terms 10X10,10X12,10X14 etc. are used by sellers and manufacturers to create a standard in the industry. However, there are many models using the same term and manufacturers did not really pay attention to it because they did not plan to produce replacement parts.

When you look to buy our replacement parts, there are several things you should look for.

Height of the gazebo

You must measure the height of your gazebo since all gazebo models do not have the same height and some people prefer curtains to touch the ground while others prefer when there is a short gap. Our curtains are 77.98" high.

Location of the rails

Moreover, there are some models that are made to put curtains on the inside of the frame while others are made to be put on the outside. The model we are selling is made to go inside the frame and if you try to put it on outside rails, it might be too short in length. The total length of the 4 curtains put together (the perimeter) is 488" for the 10x12 curtains and 416" for the 10x10 curtains.

As you can see on the picture on the left, the rails need to be inside the frame so that the curtains do not cover the corners. 

Here are the measurements for the curtains of the 10x12 model.

As you can see, all 4 panels have the same size. Many people think that they received the wrong item because all panels are the same while the gazebo is 10x12 and not 10x10. However, each panel covers 2 sides of the gazebo in order for the zipper to be in the midle of each side. Thus, it is normal if you receive 4 times the same panel.