Our hard replacement roofs are in polycarbonate and do not contain any metal components. 

We offer them in pre-cut panels of sizes 10x10 and 10x12 or in uncut sheets. 

In all cases, they are 7 mm thick and you need to check with your current frame if it will fit or not.

You also need to check if the brackets you have will fit with the display of the pre-cut panels. 

Make sure that every measurement provided in the pictures below is the same as your previous hard roof.

Panels kit 10x10

Panels kit 10x12

The panels for the 10x12 kit are the same as the ones for the 10x10 kit except that there are 2 more panels in the middle. You need to be careful that these panels also have the same measurements as yours.


Uncut sheet

This option is best if the measurements of your previous hard roof are not compatible with the pre-cut panels sizes. This material is easy to cut with only an Exacto and you can make your panels the size you want, offering more flexibility than the pre-cut panels. The uncut sheet only come in one size, 60" x 40" and is pre-packaged.