General process

As a third-party seller, we cannot directly refund you and we need to follow the rules of the e-commerce platforms. 

The refund process is thus in three parts: You ask us to refund you, then we have to accept and send a request to the platform from which you have ordered and then the platform administrator will issue the refund from our account to yours.

When you want to be refunded, you have to ask for a refund or a return authorization on the platform you ordered from. 

Once we receive the refund or return request, our team will evaluate the situation and the reason why you want to be refunded to find the best solution for you.

Our return policy

We have a 30-days after reception return policy which means that you can return any item for any reason up to 30 days after you have received your parcel. However, we do not bear return shipping costs and provide you a return shipping label for any reasons. Also, make sure the item is in its original condition when you send us an item back.

Banking information inquiries

Once we have accepted your return or refund request, we will ask the e-commerce platform to refund you. We have no further access to your banking information and we ask to refund you using the same method as your payment method. If for any reason you have changed your billing information or your payment method, please contact the platform to ensure you will receive your refund at the right place since we cannot make the change ourselves. 

Refund delays

EBay and Amazon usually process the refund requests in a delay of 24h to 72h after the acceptation of the refund and you should be able to see it into your account in that time frame. However, it happens that the delay takes longer especially in busy periods and we cannot accelerate the process. We apologize for these delays that are beyond of our control and you can be reassure that we are processing the requests as fast as possible.