Your item arrived damaged

If your item has unfortunately reached you damaged or with missing pieces, you will have to send us a return request from the platform you have ordered from.

On Amazon, you will have to go in the returns center and click on Start a return in your orders. You will have to select the order from which you want to return the damaged item.

On EBay, you will have to follow these steps.

Sending us pictures

Please attach pictures to your refund request and detail the situation to let us know the condition of the item and find the best solution for you. Use the paperclip icon to attach your pictures and do not simply copy/paste them as we would not be able to see them that way. 

A member of our team will reply to your request by sending you a pre-paid shipping label for you to send us back the damaged item. If a replacement is available, we will send it to you. Otherwise, we will have to refund you and cancel the order. 

In the case that your item has arrived with a missing piece and that a replacement piece is available we will send you that missing piece. 

Packaging the item to return

To send us back the parcel, you will have to print the pre-paid shipping label and stick it onto the packaged item that need to be returned. If you have the original packaging in good condition, you can use it by making sure to cover the previous shipping label with the return shipping label to avoid any confusion with the carrier.