Return request

Once your return is approved, you have to package your item correctly so it reaches us in its original condition. To send us a return request, please refer yourself to the article Refund/return process.

Shipping labels

If you have been provided with a pre-paid shipping label, you need to print it and stick it onto the box. If we told you we will send you a pre-paid shipping label, you will receive it attached to our reply.

If you have not been provided with a pre-paid shipping label, you can use the carrier service of your choice and you don't need us to send you a label. 

Packaging specifications

If you have kept the original packaging, make sure to stick the new shipping label onto the previous one to cover it and avoid any confusion possible with the carrier of the return parcel. 

If you use your own packaging, make sure that it will allow the item to reach us in its original condition. Thus, you should use material as bubble wrap or silk paper to protect the item if it is likely to be broken in transportation. 

Item already damaged

If you return your item because it was already damaged, make sure we are aware of the damages by providing us pictures of the condition. To notice us of the damages, you can send us a message using the message system of the platform you ordered from and attach to it a picture showing clearly the condition of the item. Make sure to use the paperclip icon (attach images function) to send us pictures and to not use the copy/paste function since the system does not allow us to see copy/paste pictures.